Our story

Believe it or not, our little team is delivering photosynthetic energy to plants better than any other company on the planet and we’re having an absolute blast doing it. Part of this is the LED selection, but these are available to everyone. A bigger part of this is where these LEDs are placed in the grow environment. We can’t wait to show you how these patented methods are changing the game.

DemeGrow's high performance LED Grow Lights define the upper range of photosynthetic active radiation. Our customers save watts, air conditioning load and maintenance costs, while increasing yields as much as 30% over traditional grow lighting sources. This is great, but it is not entirely unique. 2020 saw LED chip science leap toward its practical limits boosting performance for a number of high quality producers. This is good for the grower and for the planet. It’s also just the beginning of what makes DemeGrow great.

Our unique approach to spectrum tuning takes the indoor grow operation to another level by precisely targeting desirable attributes in the harvest, all available via industry standard control interfaces. The patented sub-canopy, multi-layer architecture gets more energy to the plant per watt than any other known configuration. Combining this with as much as 50% uniformity boost from DemeGrow's patented board design and suddenly we've redefined what's possible when working with the same chips available to everyone. Put us to the test!

Best part? DemeGrow's global supply chain is anchored in North America for the absolute best performance, cost and availability profile of any leading grow lighting manufacturer.

DemeGrow, Inc. began out of commercial LED lighting successes delivered by the McWong group of companies. A leader in power electronics, LED board design, optics and thermal management, McWong supports a substantial percentage of the solid state lighting industry with manufacturing capacity and logistics infrastructure.


The team

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