Grow Lights

Elevate yield and other crop characteristics with the industry's highest performing grow lighting system.

  • Multiple Applications

    Indoor Single and Multi-Level
    Clone, Veg & Flower Performance Levels
    Greenhouse Supplement

  • Increase Yield per Dollar

    Leading PPE Performance
    Patented Canopy Penetration
    Extraordinary Harvests

  • Deliver Unique Outcomes

    Optional Spectral Tuning
    Spectral Sensor Integration
    Full Automation Capable

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

    Rugged Durability
    Future Proof Modular Design
    Market Leading Warranty

Spectrum Tune

High performance Spectrum Tuning LED greenhouse lighting for indoor operations.

Elevate E

High performance Broad Spectrum LED grow lighting for indoor operations.

Elevate HP
High Power

High performance Spectrum Tuning customizable maximum power grow lighting for indoor operations.

Elevate S

High performance Broad Spectrum no-shadow supplemental grow lighting for greenhouse operations.

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